Can you be interesting for five minutes?

How about change the world?

If even the smallest part of you is whispering ‘yes’ (or just ‘maybe’), we want to hear from you.

For our collaborative un-conference, MATTER, brought to you by Tourism Australia, we’re seeking people with something to say. Whether it’s the passion that keeps you going day-to-day or the burning issue that keeps you up at night: as long as it’s intriguing, inspiring or interesting, it could be just what’s needed to spark a world-changing insight in someone else. The bigger idea the better!

Enter SPARK: your opportunity to share what really matters to you with the PURE community. We’re launching our 2017 search for the boldest souls among you to get up on the main stage on 10 and 11 September and tell us your idea that could Change Worlds.

Each SPARK speaker will have five minutes to deliver their presentation, which will consist of 15 slides moving on automatically every 20 seconds – so preparation and a tight structure are key!

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Applications have now closed for SPARK 2017. See you at MATTER!